Saturday, February 24, 2007

Things that made me smile in the past week...

Abigail spontaneously running up and giving me big kisses on both cheeks.

Singing as a sub on two sets in the prayer room.

Thinking that maybe I felt the baby moving when I poked my belly.

The beautiful orchid that is blooming in my kitchen.

Weather that involved sunshine, and temperatures like this:

Driving a Bobcat for the first time. (I received only brief operating instructions over the phone, but managed to re-park the thing without hurting anything or anyone. Did I mention that I was wearing flip-flops? I'm sure that's a safety violation of some kind.)

Seeing the most beautiful rainbow while driving to the store. It was a supernumerary rainbow, with the whole arc visible, along with a vibrant secondary rainbow. I couldn't get a picture that really captured its beauty, but it was stunning.

Showing Abigail her first rainbow, and teaching her that a rainbow is a sign of God's promise and faithfulness; then hearing her say rainbow (maimbo) over and over for the next hour or so.

Family hugs and spending time with Aaron when he comes home from work.

Giving Abigail's head lots of kisses while she snuggled in my lap before her nap.

Abigail reaching up after those kisses and saying "pretty" while pointing to my cheek. She doesn't really know how to say "I love you" very well yet, but calling me "pretty" is close enough to melt my heart.

Friday, February 16, 2007