Tuesday, June 27, 2006

When It's All Coming Down

These two women have some great thoughts to share about the relevance of eschatology (the study of End Times...aka. when Jesus returns). This is not a subject that we can afford to neglect in the education of our children, or in our own life!

Kristi talks about her first eschatology lesson with her two-year-old daughter.
It was in the fear of the Lord that I proceeded to tell her that she very well might be alive and see Jesus return to the earth with her own eyes. I then told her that Jesus will come back to the earth and be a king. Her response? "That will be fun!" Yes, my dear little one, it sure will be fun. If you're reigning with Him, that is. Out of the mouth of babes......

Kelsey has some great comments about the importance and relevance of the book of Revelation
Intimacy with God is cultivated when we read the judgments of God devotionally...this was the Lord's intention all along. ...They are not separate messages, but one whole package. When John was given all the details in the book of Revelation, it did not produce confusion or conflict - it produced a cry.

Monday, June 26, 2006

For the Want of a Shower

There are three 16-year-old girls sleeping in my living room. They will be here for three weeks. We already have the three adults and one baby in the household. We have one shower. You do the math. (Good thing I usually shower at the gym.)

Speaking of showering at the gym, I would like to publicly acknowledge my immense indebtedness to Miss Karen who runs the "Tot Drop" at our local community center. For a mere $2/day (that's less than a cup o' java, yo'!) I can enjoy up to 2 hours of Mommy time while Abigail tries to steal toys from other children learns valuable social skills. If it wasn't for Abigail's affection for Miss Karen, I don't know if I'd ever get a shower, much less any other time for myself.
As long as Abigail cooperates, I have a pretty good system figured out. While Abigail is playing, I go ride the stationary bike. Why the bike, you ask? I know, I know, the elliptical machine is much better for my knees, and I could get a full-body workout. BUT, if I'm riding the bike I can actually read my Bible and pray during my workout without falling off the machine. Any other time of day, if I try to sit down to read, Abigail tries desperately to grab my Bible from my hands. I mean, I'm glad she loves the Word and all, but she's already ripped out Acts 5&6. I don't really want her to "love" my Bible in such a physically destructive manner, so I tend to keep it out of her arm's reach. The spiritual/physical workout combo is not only practical for the safety of my favorite book, but it also has the catalytic effect of keeping me engaged and consistent. Having my blood pumping from working out helps me to stay alert and really absorb what I'm reading. And, if I am getting really excited about what the Lord is saying to me, I end up getting the workout of a lifetime, because I don't even think about how hard I'm pedaling - I just go for it! Yay for multi-tasking!
So, after my workout, I wander back by the Tot Drop to make sure Abigail is doing ok. (I don't let her see me, of course. If she catches a glimpse of me at that point it's game over. Time to go home.) So long as everything is peachy, then I'm off to the shower. I sometimes even have enough time to do my hair, put on my makeup, and look generally presentable before leaving. Hurray!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Blameless? Who, me?

I'm chewing on this today, care to join me?

"Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, and to make you stand in the presence of His glory blameless with great joy, to the only God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion and authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen."
Jude v. 24-25

Oh Lord, it is You who are able to keep me from stumbling . Not my own strength or desire, nor any system of accountability, but YOU Lord. Your Spirit within me, Your voice behind me, Your Word before me. These promises are what I cling to when the ground is shifting beneath my feet. Or rather, these are the things that lay hold of me and tarry within my soul when I begin to stray from the narrow path.
Oh, God, who am I, that I should approach the Eternal Flame? I, who was dead, dead, dead. How can I gaze into the Infinite Beauty of Holiness? But you gave me life, life, life and have brought me near. Am I really here? Is my dwelling place with the Most High God? Oh, Lord, how I long to stand in the presence of your glory. I want to be counted worthy. It is only by Your blood that I stand blameless. Washed clean and clothed with Christ.
Oh, to be with you. This is what I'm longing for. For what else could my soul yearn? There is none like you. None other so Holy, none other so Kind. None other is Worthy. Now and Forever. AMEN!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A blog of my own

Somehow I've morphed over the last few months from just a proud mama showing off pictures of her firstborn into a wanna-be blogger, writing more and more about myself than I ever intended to on a blog that's supposed to be just about pictures of my baby. I've decided it's about time for me to get my own space, and get my thoughts out in the open. Not that I have anything all that eloquent to say, but by golly when eloquence comes out, this blog will be there to catch it!