Sunday, October 07, 2007

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When I get time to figure out how to combine both of my old blogs onto one new one, I will be posting a new web address. For now, I will probably continue to post only on Abigail's blog.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Introducing Eliana Jean and Joelle Rose

We are thrilled to announce the birth of our twin girls, Eliana Jean and Joelle Rose. They were born at 3:07 and 3:10pm on August 7, 2007, via C-section. Everything went smoothly and mom and babies are all doing well. Eliana (formerly "Baby A") was 5lbs 14oz and 19 inches long. Joelle (formerly "Baby B") was 5lbs 6oz and 19 inches long. Big Sister Abigail is having lots of fun holding the babies and is doing a great job learning how to be a big sister. I will post some of their pictures here, and you can go to our online web album (click here) to see all the photos we have so far.

One last belly picture - 37 weeks

Abigail giving her sisters one last tummy hug before Mommy goes to the hospital for the c-section.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Hobbit feet, minus the hair

Cankles got nothin' on me. I've got bona-fide rolls on my ankles. Nice! I am really looking forward to getting my feet back from the edema-fairy after delivery.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The belly - 36 weeks

I am ginormous! At my 35 week appt, I was measuring 44. I forgot to ask what I measured this week, but it is BIG!

For comparison, here I am at 40 weeks with Abigail:

36 week ultrasound

The girls are looking great. Super crowded in there, but everyone is healthy. They are both weighing in at (approximately) 5lbs 4oz. That's right on target for twin growth at this stage. The perinatologist said that he'd expect that they'll weigh right about 6 lbs each by next week's delivery day. It is hard to believe that there is already 10.5 lbs of baby in me, and it will probably be 12 lbs by next week. I think if we were able to wait for me to go into labor naturally, I would have a couple 7+ pounders on my hands. Yay! Birth weight is a big deal for all babies, but especially twins. I hope they weigh in above 6 lbs at birth, because that just feels like a good, healthy weight. But at this point, everything is indicating that they will be healthy and strong, regardless of whether they hit that 6 lb. mark or not.

Baby B is now vertex (head-down) but Baby A is still breech, so there is no change in our delivery plans (C-section, Aug 7, 3:30pm). I don't have any more appointments or ultrasounds before the big day, so there's pretty much no turning back now! I can't believe we are going to meet our little girls in less than a week!!!!

My mom (Grandma Grace) is going to arrive on Saturday to help us get ready, to watch Abigail while we are in the hospital, and to help out once we get home. (My dad - Grandpa Peter - can't make it this time, but hopefully he'll get to meet the girls soon. Maybe Thanksgiving?) Then a couple/few weeks later Aaron's parents (Nana and Grandpa Mike) will arrive. Then Aunties Kendra and Kyrstin will come visit in early September. We love our families, and we are so appreciative of them coming to help out and celebrate with us. If we didn't have people coming to help, I think I would be freaking out right now. It's really nice to know we'll have some extra hands around for a while.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We have a date!

Well, at my 35 week appt, Baby A was still breech. (She's been stubborn and has stayed that way since at least 28 weeks.) So, although I really, really wanted an unmedicated natural delivery, I will be having a c-section unless a miracle occurs and she turns head-down before I hit 37 weeks. I got the call today from the Dr. office, confirming that the date and time for the c-section is:

Aug 7, at 3:30pm
(less than 2 weeks away!!!)

That's the day I turn 37 weeks. I had asked for it to be on the 14th (38 weeks, which was the absolute latest they would let me go for a c-section) and my midwife said she'd shoot for that date. But I knew that the OB really would prefer to do it sooner, so I wasn't too surprised that it got bumped up a bit. I feel like the girls should be fine at 37 weeks, so I decided not to make a big deal about it.

We will be praying specifically that the girls are good nursers, because that is the one thing that I've heard can still be problematic between 36-37 weeks. We would certainly appreciate your prayers as we approach their arrival.

We'll keep you updated between now and then. I do have a growth ultrasound next week, so we will get an update on how big the girls are getting. I'll try to get some more belly pictures taken too, for posterity's sake =)

Monday, July 23, 2007

35 week update

Fundal Height: 44!
Babies positions: Baby A breech, Baby B transverse. Baby A could still turn head-down, but considering that she's been breech since at least 28 weeks and they are getting really cramped in there, the midwife said it's not really likely at this point. I have another ultrasound next week to check their growth, so we'll see if she moves at all by then.
Delivery plans: I am being scheduled for a c-section around 38 weeks (near Aug 14), due to the babies' positions. I will post when I have a date and time confirmed. If Baby A turns head-down before then, we will cancel that plan and go for a natural delivery.
Misc: My feet/ankles are still huge. They will likely stay that way until delivery. It's pretty bad when I can barely even get my feet into my flip flops! BUT, I do have a nice, pretty pedicure now! Aaron took Abigail to the Zoo on Saturday, and I got the day off. I used some birthday money to get a pedicure, get my haircut, and get a massage. I also took care of some appointments at the hospital and just generally enjoyed having the day all to myself. Possibly for the last time

Oh, I also got the crib all ready to go. We plan on having the twins in our room at first, but it feels nice to have the crib all set (and maybe we'll use it for naps sometimes). We still have a TON of prep to do before I'll feel "ready" for the babies, but I'm trying not to worry about it too much. It's just hard to get anything accomplished nowadays, so I feel a little overwhelmed by my to-do list sometimes. BUT, #1 on my "to-do" list is stay healthy and keep these babies cooking until they're good and ready to come out, so I make sure to not overdo it, and I don't feel bad about taking naps and being generally unproductive most of the time.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Fat feet

My feet are huge! These pictures don't really show the extent of the swelling, but here is a comparison between my normal feet (left) and my current preggo feet (right).

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The belly - 32 weeks 1 day

Here I am at 32 weeks with Abigail. I look tiny compared to today!

Here's the Abigail belly at 37 weeks. I think that's a lot closer to how I look now - and that makes sense, since I am measuring 37.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

32 week update

"Well, these girls have no sense of direction"

...That was the first thing the perinatologist told me at our ultrasound today. They are both breech, with their heads right up in my ribs and feet/butts down in my pelvis. That is the exact opposite of the position we want them in for birth! We will keep telling them that they need to turn around, and hopefully that will happen before delivery time.

Other than that, everything looks good. Both girls are healthy, very active, and have good weights. Baby A is 3 lb 12 oz; Baby B is 3 lb 8 oz - right on schedule for growth. It is a good sign that their weights are staying so close together - that means they are sharing nutrients well.

I'll try to post a belly picture soon. I'm getting BIG! Last week my fundal height measured 37 cm (the equivalent of a 37-week singleton pregnancy).

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Update weeks 28 - 30

  • At my 28-week appointment, the babies weighed 2lb 11oz (Baby A) and 2 lb 8oz (Baby B). That's over 5 pounds of baby!
  • Baby A is now in a breech position (butt-down), and Baby B is transverse (sideways). They still have plenty of time to move, but I wouldn't mind if they turn head-down and just stay that way. The later it gets, the more crowded they are, and the harder it is for them to shift position. If Baby A isn't head-down when it's time for delivery, I will be having a C-section. I would strongly prefer a natural delivery, so please pray that they move into good positions soon.
  • My fundal height is measuring about 5 weeks ahead, and I'm definitely a lot bigger than I was at this point with Abigail. But people keep telling me that I look small for carrying twins.
  • At week 29, I started having Non-Stress Tests (NST's) twice a week. (The testing is just the normal procedure for twin pregnancies - it's not because of any complications or problems). I go into Labor & Delivery and they hook me up to a monitor that watches the babies heart rates. As long as everything looks good, I just have to be on the monitor for a minimum of 20 minutes. So far, they've been doing great. It's kind of a pain having so many appointments, but at least the nursing staff will know me when I come in to deliver!
  • My feet have started to swell on a daily basis. They feel squishy like jello on the tops, and I can feel them jiggle when I walk. Ewwwwwww!
  • My friends Song and Clarissa are throwing a baby shower for me on July 13.
  • We bought a minivan, so we now have a vehicle that will actually be able to hold our whole family (with all three carseats). Praise God for the way He provides for all our needs!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Ultrasound picture and mini-update

Baby A 1 lb 6 oz. Baby B 1 lb 5 oz. (On schedule for growth). I feel like I'm already getting really big. It's hard to believe that if these babies are born at a healthy weight, they will probably weigh more than 4 TIMES as much as they weigh right now! Oh, my poor belly is going to be huge!
*I just looked it up, and a normal singleton pregnancy would reach 2lb 11oz (my current total baby weight) around week 29. That means I'm currently carrying the weight of a singleton pregnancy that's five weeks ahead of me.*

Both Vertex (Head down). This is good. If they stay in this position, there is a better chance of avoiding a C-section when delivery time comes.

Everybody looks healthy! Yay!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Belly update - 23 weeks

Here's the belly, at 23 (and a half) weeks.

Just for I am at 23 weeks when I was pregnant with Abigail.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

20 weeks - update and belly pic

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This week's Dr. appointments confirmed that both babies are girls. Aaron is going to be really outnumbered! Everybody looks healthy. Baby A is 12 oz, Baby B is 13 oz.

My fundal height is measuring as though I'm 24 weeks. (I looked at my belly pics from Abigail's pregnancy, and I'm definitely bigger now than I was at 21 weeks last time.) I'm starting to feel extra tired again lately. My back pain is still there, but I'm being very careful about bending or lifting, so it is not too bad.

Sorry for the lack of bloggage lately. I really don't intend for this blog to consist entirely of pregnancy updates and spordic randomnity...but it is what it is.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ultrasound pics

Here are some of the ultrasound pictures. In case you can't tell, they show Baby B's profile, Baby A's face and tummy, Baby B's face and tummy, then Baby A's "gender determination" (in that order).

You can click on any image to view full-size.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Twin info I forgot to mention

For those of you who like details...

The twins are each in their own amniotic sac, and they each have their own placenta. This means that it is more likely that they are fraternal twins (not identical). However, it is still possible that the twins could be identical. If we find out that Baby B is a boy, then they are fraternal, but if Baby B is a girl, they could be either.

One of the first questions that people have been asking is whether twins run in our family. As far as we know, there is only one set of twins within the generations of our family that are living today (Aaron's Dad's cousins - Pam and Penny). Apparently, each of us also has a great-grandmother who had a twin pregnancy, but neither one carried the twins to term. An increased likelihood for fraternal twins is genetically linked to the mother's there is only one instance of a twin conception that we know of that is relevant to my genes - and it is a number of generations back. (From what I've read so far, it sounds like genetics are not thought to influence the likelihood of identical twins.)

Surprise, Surprise!

WE'RE HAVING TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, you read that right. We found out during our sonogram today that there's not just "a" baby in there, but there are TWO babies! Twins!

Backstory (Some Cool History): Prior to my pregnancy with Abigail, we lost a baby to miscarriage (in 2004). Shortly after that time, Aaron and I both thought "It would be cool to have twins." So, we prayed and asked the Lord for twins. Clearly the Lord has answered that prayer. It was a little delayed from what we were thinking, and definitely came as a surprise, but it is like a kiss from God! He heard the cry of our hearts, and He answered with a double blessing.

Story (How We Got the News): Today was my first prenatal appointment. I am 17 weeks pregnant, so that's quite late to be starting prenatal care. We went in for a sonogram right away. (Aaron was there for that part of the appointment). The tech squirted the cold gel on my belly and barely even started to take a look at things. She probably had moved the wand around for about two seconds when she stopped, took a breath, and asked "Have you had any care yet for this pregnancy?" I responded - "No, this is my first appointment" - and in the mere seconds that it took for me to say that and for her to she speak again, I was thinking "Oh, Lord! She already saw something that she's concerned about? What on earth could be so bad that she would see it within two seconds??" Thankfully, she didn't wait to respond "Well. It's twins." Aaron and I both said something exclamatory, smiled, looked at each other, and grinned goofy grins. We kept saying "Oh my gosh, we're having twins!" while alternating between joy and shock.

Stats (The Basic Info): Both babies are looking healthy and are normal size. Probably about half a pound each. They are both measuring just a little bit ahead of their gestational age...just like Abigail did throughout most of my pregnancy with her. "Baby A" is a girl. "Baby B" appeared to be a girl as well, but it was less clear. We're going to wait for the next ultrasound and hope we get a better view before calling it for sure. My due date is August 28, but it's very rare for twins to go full term. The midwives would like to see me get to at least 34-36 weeks, so basically anytime after mid-July is the "safe zone" for delivery, so to speak.

Thoughts (Our Reaction): We were thrilled and shocked, all in a moment. Our overwhelming reaction is joy. We are so blessed, so excited. We're still thrilled, and still definitely trying to grasp the reality of it all. We are just starting to think about all that this means for our family. Our planning process will look very different that we thought it would. The arrival of two babies at once has some significant ramifications on the practical realm. And on the heart!

Prayers, please!: We would appreciate your prayers as the pregnancy continues. Of course, our first and foremost request is that both babies be born healthy, with no complications. I will share other specific requests as time goes on...but at this point, general "health" is pretty much what we want. In the practical realm, we will be needing to find a larger vehicle. We currently drive a little Hyundai Accent, which we love. But there is absolutely no way that we could fit three car seats in the back. We are praying that the Lord will provide the right vehicle, at the right time.

So, that's the big news 'round here! Thanks for celebrating with us!

I will try to find a way to post some ultrasound pictures soon.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Things that made me smile in the past week...

Abigail spontaneously running up and giving me big kisses on both cheeks.

Singing as a sub on two sets in the prayer room.

Thinking that maybe I felt the baby moving when I poked my belly.

The beautiful orchid that is blooming in my kitchen.

Weather that involved sunshine, and temperatures like this:

Driving a Bobcat for the first time. (I received only brief operating instructions over the phone, but managed to re-park the thing without hurting anything or anyone. Did I mention that I was wearing flip-flops? I'm sure that's a safety violation of some kind.)

Seeing the most beautiful rainbow while driving to the store. It was a supernumerary rainbow, with the whole arc visible, along with a vibrant secondary rainbow. I couldn't get a picture that really captured its beauty, but it was stunning.

Showing Abigail her first rainbow, and teaching her that a rainbow is a sign of God's promise and faithfulness; then hearing her say rainbow (maimbo) over and over for the next hour or so.

Family hugs and spending time with Aaron when he comes home from work.

Giving Abigail's head lots of kisses while she snuggled in my lap before her nap.

Abigail reaching up after those kisses and saying "pretty" while pointing to my cheek. She doesn't really know how to say "I love you" very well yet, but calling me "pretty" is close enough to melt my heart.

Friday, February 16, 2007