Thursday, June 21, 2007

Update weeks 28 - 30

  • At my 28-week appointment, the babies weighed 2lb 11oz (Baby A) and 2 lb 8oz (Baby B). That's over 5 pounds of baby!
  • Baby A is now in a breech position (butt-down), and Baby B is transverse (sideways). They still have plenty of time to move, but I wouldn't mind if they turn head-down and just stay that way. The later it gets, the more crowded they are, and the harder it is for them to shift position. If Baby A isn't head-down when it's time for delivery, I will be having a C-section. I would strongly prefer a natural delivery, so please pray that they move into good positions soon.
  • My fundal height is measuring about 5 weeks ahead, and I'm definitely a lot bigger than I was at this point with Abigail. But people keep telling me that I look small for carrying twins.
  • At week 29, I started having Non-Stress Tests (NST's) twice a week. (The testing is just the normal procedure for twin pregnancies - it's not because of any complications or problems). I go into Labor & Delivery and they hook me up to a monitor that watches the babies heart rates. As long as everything looks good, I just have to be on the monitor for a minimum of 20 minutes. So far, they've been doing great. It's kind of a pain having so many appointments, but at least the nursing staff will know me when I come in to deliver!
  • My feet have started to swell on a daily basis. They feel squishy like jello on the tops, and I can feel them jiggle when I walk. Ewwwwwww!
  • My friends Song and Clarissa are throwing a baby shower for me on July 13.
  • We bought a minivan, so we now have a vehicle that will actually be able to hold our whole family (with all three carseats). Praise God for the way He provides for all our needs!