Thursday, August 03, 2006

A comment worth reading (I hope)

I was planning to write something else here tonight (I mean, this morning, 'cause it's now 3am darnit) but I just used up all my allotted blogging time (and then some) leaving a comment over at kpjara's, on a post that is a week old. I had been thinking about the post ever since I read it, and I finally just made myself write the comment that had been stewing in my brain all week. I decided to share it here as well.
When you were discussing bearing fruit, you said "He wants me to get off my butt, recognize His purpose, and GO FULFILL IT!" I don't want to totally dissect that comment, so please forgive me if I am off-base with my understanding of your thinking. That statement sounded to me like primarily an exhortation to do the work of the kingdom in external ministry, and that understanding of the text is what I wanted to address. It's not wrong to look at this passage as a call to participate in practical ministry (that's probably the most common way that I hear the text preached). But, I don't believe that it really does justice to the context and full heart of the passage.

Now don't get me wrong – God is thrilled to have you on His team, and I think He does want your life to bring forth fruit of leading the lost to the Lord, ministering to the needy, etc. That being said, I think we do ourselves a disservice if a call to external service is all we take away from this exhortation.

I know (as I believe you also know) that the Lord has something more intimate in store for you than simply putting you to work in His kingdom. He desires to capture the affections of your heart and draw you into an intimate relationship with Him. One where your entire being is given over to Him in such a way that your life begins to look like His - not because you have beaten yourself into submission, but because you have found a lover who is better than any other, and His ways have captured your heart. In other words, that you would be filled with the Spirit of God, living a life displays the fruits of the Spirit in abundance.

It is the internal fruit of your heart that I believe is the heart of this passage. You were made to love God, and be loved by Him. This is both His primary purpose for your life, and His primary method of transforming you into His image.


  1. In James the bible says "Faith without works is dead" but I believe those works should be borne out of a deep, abiding relationship with the Lord where He directs where your works and service should be. It's very easy to be caught up in running around like a chicken with our heads cut off and be so busy we are not even coming into the Lord's presence to know Him.
    That's my two bits anyway.

  2. I'm blessed to have your wisdom and your honest outpouring in my life!

    Thanks again!

    This is powerful for all of us!

  3. Like WOW, yest that is powerful for all of us...
    Thanks for sharing :-)

  4. WOW - I fully agree! We must have a deep and loving relationship with Him! Otherwise we are simply going through the motions! He calls us to minister (or serve) to others in His name -- but first we are called to begin our relationship with Him!

    Also - you commented on my doggies on my blog. Check it out again - due to issues with blogger, my whole post wasn't there. You can see now, their names and histories!!


  5. Wonderfully said! We were first created for a relationship with Him. Everything else (including ministry) must fall in line behind that!!

    Thanks for stopping by "My Quiet Corner" and leaving your link!!

    Nice to "meet" you! Please know you are welcome at "My Quiet Corner" anytime!

  6. Very well said, thanks. I agree with you.

  7. Thank you for this and the particular reminder that "the Lord has something more intimate in store for you than simply putting you to work in His kingdom". I'm just visiting today from A Quiet Corner's new blog welcome, but I will definitely come back.

  8. Very well said, as always. I am inspired by your knowledge of the Bible.