Friday, November 10, 2006

Strange but true

I tagged myself by reading Everyday Mommy's "9 weird things" meme (which she lifted from discovered at GiBee's). I am sure I have plenty of weirdness to go's my nine:
  1. My left kidney was injured in a freak long-jumping accident when I was in high school and ceased to function thereafter. I now have one teensy-tiny kidney that doesn't work, and one super-size kidney that makes up the slack.
  2. I was born in California, then moved to Oregon, then to Washington state. I always joked that I was either going to move to Alaska or become Canadian next, in keeping with the northward trend. But somehow I ended up in Missouri instead.
  3. We do not own a television.
  4. I lived in a geodesic dome until I graduated from high school.
  5. I wear flip-flops basically year-round. I have worn flip-flops in the snow on numerous occasions.
  6. I was a Campus Safety Supervisor in college. (Campus police, minus the weaponry. We had big flashlights and a hefty can of pepper spray - no guns. I never had to use my weapons, but sometims I got close.) Once, as the ranking officer on duty, I had to catch a bat that was flying around the all-girls dorm in the middle of the night, terrorizing the poor freshmen.
  7. I can correctly spell antidisestablishmentarianism and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious without using spell check or looking at a dictionary. But sometimes I space out on how to spell friend or weird (which one is "ie", which is "ei"?).
  8. I once cut a nerve in my finger and had to go to the emergency room and have surgery to repair it - all while I was dressed in a Pippi Longstocking costume, complete with huge shoes and braids sticking straight out the sides of my head.
  9. I wear swim goggles when I cut onions to help reduce the burning-stinging-painful-crying ouch-factor.


  1. you are hilarious...I want to live in a dome! those look coold..How about an IHOP dome!!!

  2. OK, you got me. Those are pretty weird, but fun. Have you tried putting a toothpick in your mouth when cutting onion? Maybe it won't scare the neighbors. :0) Fun stuff. And no TV. That's a tough one, but good for you!

  3. Some of those are pretty different, Sarah. The kidney thing makes me think how amazing God is as our Creator that our body would adjust to something like that! I've never heard of a geodesic dome before this. How interesting. And the swim goggles, how brilliant! It sounds like you've had quite the interesting life!

  4. LOL, so good to know I am not alone in all my weird-ness =)
    My church in Washington was actually one of those dome structures. It would have been interesting to live in one. Like living in a beehive...

  5. Yes, it's official...I am weird.

    Caro - It was fun living in a dome, but after a little bit you just get used to it. I don't even think about it being different when I visit my parents now. It was always easy to give directions to the house. (Go to suchandsuch Road, we're the dome on the left.) I think an IHOP dome might be a bad idea - the neighbors already have enough to talk about...! Oooooh, but domes do have really good acoustics, so that could be a bonus.

    Chappyswife - I'll have to try the toothpick in the mouth trick for onions. Do I just grit my teeth, or chew on it, or what?

    Susanne - Is "pretty different" a nice way of saying that I am very strange? Ha! Believe me, most of my life is not this off-the-wall.

    Sarah - consider yourself tagged for this meme (if/when you return to blogging). I want to hear about some of your supposed weirdness! Was your church in the Tri-Cities area? I don't remember where you came from. There is one there that we used to drive by on trips to Spokane.

  6. does number 9 work
    I might even be weird enough to try it :)

  7. Great things. I admire the no TV. I wish I could get rid of mine. But what would dear hubby do without ESPN??

  8. What a cute list! You are fun!

    And, I just have one thing to say: If flip flops are wrong... I don't wanna be right!


    I enjoy your blog!

  9. I lived on Whidbey Island...the church was in Oak Harbor. I wonder how many there are in Wa.? It would be fun to do a photo blog of all the little "bee hives" =)

    I will consider myself tagged after Thanksgiving. Not sure if I can come up with 9. At least 9 that I don't mind sharing with the world =)

  10. A really good list, I enjoyed reading it. I loved #8- not the injury part, put picturing you standing there in the hospital dressed like Pippi Longstocking!
    and I loved your swim goggles pix!!!

    we have a t.v. but only watch videos on it, so I understand the no t.v. thing, we just couldn't cut the cord all the way...
    and I burn a vanilla candle when I cut onions, it helps some, but not as much as your goggles, I'm sure.

    fun meme!
    Jenny in Ca