Sunday, January 14, 2007

Smells Like Holy Spirit?

If you asked me what kind of laundry detergent my grandparents used, I would not have been able to tell you. Until today. When I opened up a box of Tide powder (which I don't usually buy), it was like I was instantly transported to the basement of their house in California. Mmmmmm...the smell was like a warm hug from the past, bringing forgotten memories and sensory surprises.

Isn't there something about the sense of smell that's just mysterious? To my knowledge we have yet to create a recording device for aromas. There is no camera or tape recorder for odor. Smells are elusive, yet pervasive. They can be blissfully pleasing, or tearfully unpleasant. Most of all I am amazed at the ability of smell to immerse us in a memory of a specific time, place, or person.

So all this has me thinking...I wonder what the throne room smells like?


  1. I make heavenly guess to say it smells like love and roses...

  2. Home, I wonder if we can capture the smell of home to comfort us when we are away? That perhaps is in old quilts stored in cedar chests.

  3. You are pregnant!!!! Scott and I are so happy for you guys! Congrats!!!
    Where are you going to put this baby in that little house of yours???

  4. Good question! One day we'll find out!

  5. side note - good on ya trying to take on the bullies over at S.O.J. I fear your efforts were for naught in regards to changing hearts in their arena, but you put up a good fight!


  6. david - thanks...but how did you know that was me? I wasn't sure if they would be cordial or nasty, so I went for the "anonymous screen-name". Am I really that easy to spot?
    I have more thoughts I plan to share over there, but I don't expect to change their minds. It's good for me to have to articulate myself to people who don't agree, so it's a good way for me to exercise that ability. And it makes me feel like I am capable of carrying on a conversation with someone other than a toddler!

  7. Hi Sarah,

    I just re-found your blog! But where are you?? How are you feeling? Too tired to blog??

    hope to see you around soon,

  8. Throne Room is definately not a scent Yankee Candle would be able to hold a candle to.