Sunday, August 12, 2007

Introducing Eliana Jean and Joelle Rose

We are thrilled to announce the birth of our twin girls, Eliana Jean and Joelle Rose. They were born at 3:07 and 3:10pm on August 7, 2007, via C-section. Everything went smoothly and mom and babies are all doing well. Eliana (formerly "Baby A") was 5lbs 14oz and 19 inches long. Joelle (formerly "Baby B") was 5lbs 6oz and 19 inches long. Big Sister Abigail is having lots of fun holding the babies and is doing a great job learning how to be a big sister. I will post some of their pictures here, and you can go to our online web album (click here) to see all the photos we have so far.


  1. Beautiful babies! Congratulations!

    How are you feeling?

  2. Oh wow! Congratulations and many blessings!!

    they are beautiful
    love the photos

  4. Congratulations, Sarah! Beautiful babies, so precious! What a huge praise...

  5. He looks like such the proud poppa! Beautiful girls!

  6. The web album is precious. Abigail is just so cute with her new sisters!

  7. Congratulations!!!! Many blessings to you and the new babies!!!

  8. Awww! Love the smiles on mommy and daddy's faces. And God bless your growing family. Great names, btw.

  9. Congratulations.
    You look so happy on the photos.
    How are you feeling now?
    Take care of yourself, because you need to be a mom that can do everything with her twins.

    My twins had to go to the incubators, so you're really lucky to be able to have them in your arms.

    And what a sweet sister they have.

    Congratulations again!

  10. Congratulations!!! You have two very beautiful girls. I'm 36 weeks now and scared to death of giving birth because it's my first baby, but I hope it will all be fine. Thanks for sharing your experience.