Saturday, October 09, 2010


Remember my post "What does it mean to do all things to the glory of God?"

Go check out Matt's post "Is Excellence A Virtue?".

He is right on the mark, and his post has helped bring some context to my own struggle with the concept of "excellence", and how Christians should define or pursue it.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Sarah! It really spoke to me...I have so many important things to do everyday, yet sometimes I settle for doing the things the world tells me that a good mom should do and then only giving half my attention/affection/excellence to my husband and children.

  2. Bethany, I hear you! There are so many voices trying to tell us what an excellent wife looks like, aren't there? I'm so thankful that it's finally starting to sink in to me that there's only One voice that really matters. And His voice is full of grace and truth. And to be honest, I'm pretty sure that although God cares about me honoring my husband and caring for my kids, I don't think he's going to measure that based on how clean my house is or how often my kids have a bath. Or whatever other external standard is freaking out my heart. Bless you!