Tuesday, June 27, 2006

When It's All Coming Down

These two women have some great thoughts to share about the relevance of eschatology (the study of End Times...aka. when Jesus returns). This is not a subject that we can afford to neglect in the education of our children, or in our own life!

Kristi talks about her first eschatology lesson with her two-year-old daughter.
It was in the fear of the Lord that I proceeded to tell her that she very well might be alive and see Jesus return to the earth with her own eyes. I then told her that Jesus will come back to the earth and be a king. Her response? "That will be fun!" Yes, my dear little one, it sure will be fun. If you're reigning with Him, that is. Out of the mouth of babes......

Kelsey has some great comments about the importance and relevance of the book of Revelation
Intimacy with God is cultivated when we read the judgments of God devotionally...this was the Lord's intention all along. ...They are not separate messages, but one whole package. When John was given all the details in the book of Revelation, it did not produce confusion or conflict - it produced a cry.

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