Saturday, July 08, 2006

On Adoption

Kelsey Bohlender of Stuff I Think 2 gave a powerful teaching about the spirit of adoption. Please click here to listen to the audio verson online. This message is timely, powerful, moving, and convicting. Here are some of the points that stuck with me:

Abortion advocates argue that if abortion was not a legal choice in America, then thousands of babies would be unwanted and go into abusive situations… What would happen if a million families in the church in this nation adopted one child? The accusation would be stopped. They could no longer say that children would be born into unwanted situations.

The adoption service the Bohlenders are working with said there are many, many babies available for adoption in the US right now. They said “If you have a home study done, I can place you within two weeks if you’re open to race.” Are we ready to welcome all babies who need a home – including those who don't look like our biological families, or the crack babies, or the ones with health problems?

The system is sick – it costs a lot of money to save a baby. But one has to wonder if God is allowing that because he’s asking us: Will you put your money where your prayers are? Are you willing to do something that costs something?

Adoption is an active, tangible means of spiritual warfare.
Kelsey and her husband Randy (of stuff I think) are currently pursuing adoption of a baby. They have stood in the place of contending through intercession for the ending of abortion in America for years, and now they are "putting their money where their prayers are". They are raising funds to pay for the (expensive) adoption process. Please consider joining me in supporting them through their adoption benefit dinner.


  1. You're always giving me food for thought. My husband I have been talking about the adoption process for about 5 years now... it IS expensive and it IS a lot of work but my heart just goes out to these precious children.
    Thanks for the feast.

  2. I remember reading this. I was amazed that they could place within 2 weeks in any circumstance. The stories I read are always much lengthier.

    Thank you for sharing this info.

  3. Excellent post. I missed this one when you originally posted it!

    We adopted our son and we're hoping to adopt a second time in the near future. I've posted a series, "It wasnt' supposed to work this way- Parts 1-10" (linked on my sidebar) documenting our first adoption journey.

    Adopting is expensive, but I never thought of it by asking the question "Will you put your money where your prayers are?" Excellent thought!