Thursday, September 07, 2006

Look At Me! I'm a Human Pincushion!

Abigail had a well-baby checkup and immunizations today. It was a little rough. She missed her 12 month immunizations (thanks to Yours Truly) - so today we had to do some catch-up. She had 6 (yes, six!) shots AND she had blood drawn for testing. The poor girl really was getting poked like a pincushion.

The sucker that she got in the lab helped her to forget about the pain. She really hasn't had much candy yet, and never a sucker, so this was quite the treat. As we walked to the car, I realized that I didn't want her alone in the back seat with the sucker. (Can you say choking hazard?) I pondered how to take the sucker away with as little trauma as possible, but I had no ideas.

Fortunately, when I put her in the carseat she became quite enamored by her band-aids, which were now in plain view and easily accessible. She actually dropped the sucker to investigate.

I snatched up the sucker and attempted to play it cool, but Abigail was on to my sly moves. She cried for a bit, but didn't get the sucker back until later in the day. She calmed down after not too long, and was soon zonked out in the back seat. She napped for a couple hours after we got home. A day like that is enough to tire a girl out!

Oh, for those who like details: Abigail is now 33 inches tall (98th %ile), and weighs 26lbs (84th %ile). Everything else checked out well.

The doctor made no mention of the heart murmur she heard at our last visit, nor did she say/ask anything about the testing she sent us to subsequently. She's not a bad doctor, but she hasn't exactly earned any brownie points with me, either. I can only remember one appointment when she actually asked "Do you have any questions?" Anyone in the KC Metro area know of a good pediatrician?


  1. Owie! Look at all them band aids. What a doll! I've really learned that you have to really take your own health into your own hands with doctors. With most being very over worked and over booked I'm surprised more does not go wrong. I go in with a written list of questions and I ask every one until I'm satisfied that I understand. My doc is really good and is notorious for running late, but that's because even if you bring up something in passing he's right on it. If you're not comfortable with your doctor, don't feel bad about looking for another! Good luck! or what I probably mean is more like Good Leading (of the Lord)! :)

  2. Thanks Susanne! I do usually go in armed with questions, but it still bothers me that she doesn't ask. I have to basically grab her as she's backing toward the door and say - "WAIT! I have a question."

  3. That is so cute. What is the deal with kids and bandaids? They are practically a weekly grocery item around here - because they make just about everything better!

    Thanks again for the frozen fruit tip!

  4. Can you move to Tennessee?? I LOVE my sons pediatrician.