Wednesday, September 27, 2006

So I can look back at this post and remind myself later...

I recently filled out an application to join the Prayer Room Staff at IHOP (committing to 6 sets (12 hours)/week in the prayer room, and weekly attendance at FCF services). This is how I answered the first question: "Why are you interested in serving as Prayer Room Staff at IHOP-KC?"

I want to join the Prayer Room Staff as a formalization of my commitment to take my place on the wall of intercession here at IHOP-KC. One of the reasons I want to serve in this capacity is to make a public statement about the importance and relevance of non-full-time intercessors. Sometimes in our community where full-time intercessors are the “norm”, those of us who are primarily committed (in a practical/vocational sense) to the marketplace or raising our children can feel like second-class citizens when it comes to spiritual matters. Somehow, our presence in the prayer room tends to feel less necessary, because we are not able to give of ourselves in the same way as those who have been called to be full-time Anna’s in the House. Deep down, we know that our prayers still matter, they still stir the heart of God, they still fill up the bowls…but it’s too easy to feel that we are disqualified to truly carry the weight and burden of intercession. I know that raising my daughter absolutely does not disqualify me from having a vibrant life in God, or from having power upon my prayers to shift things in the heavens. But sometimes when I’ve spent all day changing diapers and scraping food off the floor, it’s hard not to feel like I am eons away from actually taking a vital role in walking out the promises God has laid before our community. Joining the Prayer Room Staff is a way for me to say to other moms or those in the marketplace: You are not disqualified! Pray where you are, give yourself wholly to God, and cultivate a spirit of prayer in the midst of your circumstances. And to myself: My prayers do matter, and my commitment to this House is not insignificant.


  1. AMEN!!! And your words couldn't have come at a more proper time for me. I have been totally re-evaluating everything and trying to figure out where certain areas should be in my life - and I am just that - a SAHM. And yet, we are often treated as though we don't have something important to offer.... thanks!!! :)

  2. Dee - I'm glad this could be of some encouragement to you.
    For me, the struggle isn't primarily about whether I'm treated as though I have something to offer, but about whether I really believe that I have something valuable to offer (to God). Do I really believe that He desires me? That He desires my affection, my attention? Do I live like I know that He loves to hear my voice? When it really comes down to it, my struggle is to believe that God has given me the invitation and capacity to enter into the deep things of His heart. He made me (and you) for the purpose of intimacy with him. If I will just turn to Him with all my heart, He can meet me at the changing table or the kitchen sink just as easily as He met me when I spent hours a day in the prayer room. Oh, Lord, don't let me forget!

  3. As a stay at home mom, I think that is one of the biggest ministries we can give others. Our prayers! It takes time and is oh so important! Everything has a season. This is our season as a mother of young children. The tables will turn and it will be youth groups one day or fundraisers or missions trips, but right now it is raisng a child to love the Lord, love others and to love their self as God. Along with that we can pray, pray and pray some more. Also what an example for our children. The prayer room will be blessed to have you.

  4. I love that: "cultivate a spirit of prayer in the midst of your circumstances". The word cultivate jumps out at me. It's not going to just be there. It will take effort on my part. Thanks for the reminder.