Tuesday, July 03, 2007

32 week update

"Well, these girls have no sense of direction"

...That was the first thing the perinatologist told me at our ultrasound today. They are both breech, with their heads right up in my ribs and feet/butts down in my pelvis. That is the exact opposite of the position we want them in for birth! We will keep telling them that they need to turn around, and hopefully that will happen before delivery time.

Other than that, everything looks good. Both girls are healthy, very active, and have good weights. Baby A is 3 lb 12 oz; Baby B is 3 lb 8 oz - right on schedule for growth. It is a good sign that their weights are staying so close together - that means they are sharing nutrients well.

I'll try to post a belly picture soon. I'm getting BIG! Last week my fundal height measured 37 cm (the equivalent of a 37-week singleton pregnancy).


  1. praying they turn
    although if you do end up having a csection dont beat yourself up
    Ive had 3
    anyways my thoughts and prayers are with you

  2. Hi Sarah! I know all about babies with no sense of direction - Taylor was one of those, too. I had a C-section with her and actually loved it. I do hope your girls turn themselves around, 'cuz I know this would be much better for you, but if they don't, C-sections really aren't as bad as everyone makes them out to be. I'm actually hoping I can have another one.....whenver we decide to have baby #2. So don't stress too much if they don't turn; the Lord knows what is best for both you and them. Glad they are looking healthy and you're doing well, too!

  3. Check out spinningbabies.com for info on helping those girls flip. Wishing you a safe and satisfying delivery!