Tuesday, July 31, 2007

36 week ultrasound

The girls are looking great. Super crowded in there, but everyone is healthy. They are both weighing in at (approximately) 5lbs 4oz. That's right on target for twin growth at this stage. The perinatologist said that he'd expect that they'll weigh right about 6 lbs each by next week's delivery day. It is hard to believe that there is already 10.5 lbs of baby in me, and it will probably be 12 lbs by next week. I think if we were able to wait for me to go into labor naturally, I would have a couple 7+ pounders on my hands. Yay! Birth weight is a big deal for all babies, but especially twins. I hope they weigh in above 6 lbs at birth, because that just feels like a good, healthy weight. But at this point, everything is indicating that they will be healthy and strong, regardless of whether they hit that 6 lb. mark or not.

Baby B is now vertex (head-down) but Baby A is still breech, so there is no change in our delivery plans (C-section, Aug 7, 3:30pm). I don't have any more appointments or ultrasounds before the big day, so there's pretty much no turning back now! I can't believe we are going to meet our little girls in less than a week!!!!

My mom (Grandma Grace) is going to arrive on Saturday to help us get ready, to watch Abigail while we are in the hospital, and to help out once we get home. (My dad - Grandpa Peter - can't make it this time, but hopefully he'll get to meet the girls soon. Maybe Thanksgiving?) Then a couple/few weeks later Aaron's parents (Nana and Grandpa Mike) will arrive. Then Aunties Kendra and Kyrstin will come visit in early September. We love our families, and we are so appreciative of them coming to help out and celebrate with us. If we didn't have people coming to help, I think I would be freaking out right now. It's really nice to know we'll have some extra hands around for a while.


  1. pleased your girls are doing well

    how exciting to be just a week away
    bless your mom
    and all your other family members

    if I dont "chat" with you before next week
    you are in my thoughts and prayers
    all the best

    and as a 3 time c section mum
    make sure you get up and move around as soon as you can afterwards
    its one of the keys to a speedy recovery