Monday, July 23, 2007

35 week update

Fundal Height: 44!
Babies positions: Baby A breech, Baby B transverse. Baby A could still turn head-down, but considering that she's been breech since at least 28 weeks and they are getting really cramped in there, the midwife said it's not really likely at this point. I have another ultrasound next week to check their growth, so we'll see if she moves at all by then.
Delivery plans: I am being scheduled for a c-section around 38 weeks (near Aug 14), due to the babies' positions. I will post when I have a date and time confirmed. If Baby A turns head-down before then, we will cancel that plan and go for a natural delivery.
Misc: My feet/ankles are still huge. They will likely stay that way until delivery. It's pretty bad when I can barely even get my feet into my flip flops! BUT, I do have a nice, pretty pedicure now! Aaron took Abigail to the Zoo on Saturday, and I got the day off. I used some birthday money to get a pedicure, get my haircut, and get a massage. I also took care of some appointments at the hospital and just generally enjoyed having the day all to myself. Possibly for the last time

Oh, I also got the crib all ready to go. We plan on having the twins in our room at first, but it feels nice to have the crib all set (and maybe we'll use it for naps sometimes). We still have a TON of prep to do before I'll feel "ready" for the babies, but I'm trying not to worry about it too much. It's just hard to get anything accomplished nowadays, so I feel a little overwhelmed by my to-do list sometimes. BUT, #1 on my "to-do" list is stay healthy and keep these babies cooking until they're good and ready to come out, so I make sure to not overdo it, and I don't feel bad about taking naps and being generally unproductive most of the time.


  1. How exciting...the time is getting close!

    I'll be praying for the perfect position for the babies. Keep us updated, and enjoy your rest!

  2. Hi, I just ran across your blog from a comment you left on mine and wanted to give you a "hang in there" from a been-there-done-that Mommy. My twins are three now. I did 16 weeks of bedrest and made it to 36 weeks. You are doing GREAT! Keep up the good work and keep your feet up as much as possible. And if you need another twin mom to quiz, feel free!

  3. Thanks for entering my giveaway! You REALLY do need a sling! I saw (I think at the Maya Wrap site) that there is a way to wear two slings with twins. Just in case you want to check it out...and if you don't win my sling, and would still like one, just shoot me an email or leave a comment on my blog and we can get you all set up!
    Congrats on your little ones! (Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that I have an Abbigail, too! Mine is my oldest at 7 yo)