Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We have a date!

Well, at my 35 week appt, Baby A was still breech. (She's been stubborn and has stayed that way since at least 28 weeks.) So, although I really, really wanted an unmedicated natural delivery, I will be having a c-section unless a miracle occurs and she turns head-down before I hit 37 weeks. I got the call today from the Dr. office, confirming that the date and time for the c-section is:

Aug 7, at 3:30pm
(less than 2 weeks away!!!)

That's the day I turn 37 weeks. I had asked for it to be on the 14th (38 weeks, which was the absolute latest they would let me go for a c-section) and my midwife said she'd shoot for that date. But I knew that the OB really would prefer to do it sooner, so I wasn't too surprised that it got bumped up a bit. I feel like the girls should be fine at 37 weeks, so I decided not to make a big deal about it.

We will be praying specifically that the girls are good nursers, because that is the one thing that I've heard can still be problematic between 36-37 weeks. We would certainly appreciate your prayers as we approach their arrival.

We'll keep you updated between now and then. I do have a growth ultrasound next week, so we will get an update on how big the girls are getting. I'll try to get some more belly pictures taken too, for posterity's sake =)


  1. Why won't they do a c-section later than 38 weeks? Just curious.

    How exciting...2 more weeks! Hang in there!

  2. Sally - Thanks for the good wishes! As far as why they won't do the c-section later than 38 weeks...Apparently, with twin pregnancies the risks for fetal and maternal health problems increase when you start getting close to 40 weeks gestation. Specifically, the placental function tends to decrease earlier than with singletons, and the risks for pre-eclampsia and other complications rise. My midwife said they would let me go up to 40 weeks if we were waiting for me to go into labor naturally, but they would not let me go past my due date at all. And they really would prefer to deliver by or before 38 weeks. When the delivery is going to be scheduled anyway (an induction or c-section) they just prefer to do it sooner, rather than risk the possibility of complications arising. Anytime after 36 weeks is considered full-term for twins, but they tend to be better feeders if they are born later. Personally, I prefer an au-naturale approach to childbirth: let the body go into labor on its own and do what God designed it to do. But in this case, I think 37 weeks is a reasonable compromise.

  3. i am praying all goes well for you and your girls :)

    have you chosen names???

  4. Thanks for dropping a comment on my blog, Sarah! What a small world :) Of course I remember you and Aaron, that was right after I graduated from college, and before I moved to China that I was there in Tacoma. I have sinced moved to DC to be more involved with international poverty and justice issues - a lot of the causes had DC based home offices, so it made sense :) I love it here! I attend National Community Church here and it is awesome! I try to keep blogging regularly with pics and stories and praises, etc. WOW TWINS!!! Oh dearie! My mama is a twin, so my chances are good :) Hang in there. You will do amazing!! I will be praying for you and your expanding family!

  5. Just leaving a note to let you know that you were a contest winner on my blog! =) Please send me an e-mail with your mailing address! Thanks! (

    And, congrats on your upcoming twins! How fun! =)